At A&J Custom, we are dedicated to making your job as an interior designer as effortless as possible, while also delivering exceptional custom furniture that will impress your clients. While our heirloom quality custom furniture is our lifeblood, we are a one-stop shop for interior designers in CT and NYC. As such, we can also provide meticulously crafted custom window treatments and hand tailored soft treatments, such as slipcovers and throw pillows. Our goal is to make your job easier while delivering your design flawlessly. Here is a brief overview of our additional offerings:

Custom Window Treatments

From floor-to-ceiling elegant draperies to chic roman shades to functional solar shades and beyond, our talented craftsmen and women will work with you to create eye-catching custom window treatments for your clients. We will collect all of the necessary measurements, and if desired, we can also offer our professional opinion as to which custom window treatment will meet the needs of the space the best. All of our custom window treatments are hand crafted with precision, so you can be confident that the quality you are giving your clients is second to none. Our custom window treatments in NYC and CT are available in essentially any type of fabric or wood, and we also have access to a variety of mesh, woven, and solar shades. If you have a vision for a window treatment, we can bring it to life.

Hand Tailored Soft Treatments

Often, it is the little details that complete a space, which is why we can also craft a variety of soft treatments to flawlessly coordinate with the rest of the space. Our skilled seamsters and seamstresses will create any type of soft treatment you need—including slipcovers, pillows, comforters, tablecloths, and beyond—with accuracy and expertise. You give us the dimensions and fabric choice and we can make any type of custom soft treatment a reality.

Restore Existing Furniture

When the bones of existing furniture already fit the space perfectly, but the appearance leaves a lot to be desired, A&J Custom can make it look like new again. Whether we are re-upholstering an antique Louis XV armchair or refinishing a solid oak claw foot pedestal dining table, we will use our precision and years of experience to renew any type of furniture that your client wants in their home.


When you partner with A&J Custom to bring your interior designs to life, you don’t have to find a plethora of vendors to complete the project. We will take the burden off of your shoulders and provide you with an entire room of custom furniture, custom window treatments, and more, so you can present your client with a gorgeous, cohesive space. No matter what your vision is, we will help you make it a reality. Contact us today to get started.