Simple ways to transform your current upholstered furniture style to the 21st century

Short, tailored skirts; large welting; inset upholstered panels; fan pleats, etc.  These are just a few of the popular, old fashioned upholstery styles that are prevalent on sofas & chairs in many homes today.  Choosing a fabric is just the first decision to be made to change the look of your furniture.  Here are a few tips on modernizing your upholstered furniture:

Waterfall Skirt.  This type of skirt eliminates the length of welting around the perimeter and merges the skirt with the main upholstery.  A more streamlined and elegant look develops.

Limited Welting.  Eliminating the fabric welting on most or all of the seams on an upholstered piece can create a simpler and more modern look for your furniture.  Many times a thinner welting can have a similar effect.

Elimination of Panels.  Inset upholstered panels are common on the front of arms and sides of upholstered furniture.  The elimination of these panels and replacement with solid upholstery along with seamed or thin welt perimeter can have a dramatic, modernization effect on the pieces.

Nailhead trim.  Continuous nailhead trim around the outside edges and/or bottom of a chair, sofa or ottoman can also transform the piece tremendously.  The numerous finishes available almost ensure the ability to further integrate your furniture to the surrounding decor.

New Cushion Inserts.  Most aged or retail purchased sofas and chairs do not include high quality inserts.  Over time, these cushions can wilt and become deformed.  New, robust foam wrapped with down cushions can instantly make your piece look brand new.  In addition, the comfort level should increase exponentially.

There are almost always numerous possibilities to transform the decor of your living area and still retain some of your most valued upholstered furniture.  Good luck and happy decorating!

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