From the super sleek urban modern trends to the eclectic art nouveau designs, there seems to be modern furniture showing up everywhere in New York, Fairfield County and Southern CT. While modern furniture is absolutely incredible to look at, it’s not always comfortable, and it often doesn’t fit in the space like it should. As an interior designer, your job is to provide your clients with perfectly scaled, aesthetically pleasing, functional living spaces. With the help of our custom made furniture in NYC, Fairfield County and Southern CT you can now give your clients the modern furniture they desire without sacrificing scale or comfort.

Modern Furniture Trends in NYC

The sleek look of modern furniture screams sophistication, so it’s no surprise that it is showing up everywhere from hotel lobbies to penthouse condos. These are some of the modern pieces we have recently crafted from the ground up to bring the modern look to residential spaces across New York:

  • Many homes and apartments in the city have awkward spaces that go to waste. But with our custom made furniture in NYC, Fairfield County and Southern CT, this doesn’t have to be the case. We have constructed many wrap-around couches that flawlessly fill the space while still maintaining the modern styles your client desires.
  • Accent chairs are a great way to bring modern furniture into a space. We can build custom, chic armchairs that match the style and fabric of any existing pieces.
  • Bench seating is another fantastic way to capitalize on the space in a New York home or apartment. We can create one exactly to your specifications while keeping it super sleek and full of additional storage.
  • When it comes to custom furniture in NYC, we build an abundance of modern beds with ample storage built right in. It’s the perfect way to combine a headboard and a dresser while also sticking to your design scheme.

Our Custom Furniture Process

When you are searching for modern furniture in NYC, don’t spend countless hours perusing store after store in a never-ending attempt to find the perfect piece for your client. Instead, come to us and we will custom make exactly what you need. Here’s a closer look at our custom furniture process:

  • First, we will set up an appointment to come meet with you in person. That way, all communication is clear and there is no second guessing.
  • You will tell us all of the details of the modern furniture you need, including where it needs to fit, how high you want it to be, what style you were thinking, and what fabric you desire.
  • Next, we will use our years of custom furniture expertise to evaluate your wants and determine if they will result in a functional piece of furniture. If we think it will be too shallow, or uncomfortable, or if there are any other design flaws, we will let you know before moving forward.
  • Finally, we get to work building your custom made furniture in NYC.

When you are designing a modern living space in New York, Fairfield County and Southern CT, functionality is just as important as aesthetics. With our custom furniture, you don’t have to make any compromises. Your client will have beautiful, functional, perfectly sized furniture that will last for generations. Contact us today to give your clients the most incredible piece of modern furniture they have ever seen.