As a professional interior designer in NYC or CT, it’s your job to make your clients’ homes flawless from floor to ceiling. You have a keen eye for what will look amazing, and your impeccable taste sets you apart from your competitors. But, after scouring furniture stores for the perfect pieces to meet your vision, you simply cannot find the right piece to match your creativity: You need custom made furniture that will transform your sketches into reality. You need A&J Custom LLC.

Our Custom Upholstery Matches Your Décor Scheme Flawlessly

Your visions should never have to be compromised, but if you use pre-made furniture that is likely to be the case. The mass-produced items in Connecticut and NYC just can’t compete with your originality, and you shouldn’t have to settle. With our luxurious custom furniture and custom upholstery, you don’t have to. From your desired color to texture to time period, our skilled craftsmen and women will work with you to craft beautiful custom made furniture that coordinates with the décor scheme you are working with.

Our Custom Furniture Fits the Space Perfectly

Every home in Connecticut and NYC is unique, and sometimes, standard furniture sizes won’t provide the proper scale or fit you are looking for. Our custom made furniture in CT and NYC is built from scratch once we receive your order. If you have a sketch you would like us to emulate, we would be happy to oblige. Or if you fell in love with something you found at a high-end furniture store, but the dimensions weren’t quite right, we would be thrilled to reconstruct the piece so it will effortlessly fit in the space it was meant to be in.

Our Quality is Superior

The mass-produced furniture industry in general isn’t as focused on quality as it once was. Most of their upholstery items are only made to last eight years, if that. At A&J Custom, we make genuine heirloom-quality custom furniture. The men and women making our furniture are true artisans, and every piece of custom upholstery or furniture we produce is a masterpiece. When you present your clients with custom made furniture from us, you are providing them with something they will enjoy for generations to come.

Our Additional Services Bring Everything Together

At A&J Custom LLC in Connecticut, we don’t stop at custom upholstery; we can also craft luxurious coordinating slipcovers, lavish throw pillows, refined draperies, stylish shades, and cozy comforters. With every detail created from scratch, the entire room will blend together flawlessly.

Your keen eye for design and impeccable taste should never have to be compromised. Let us bring your flawless visions to life. Contact us today for beautifully made, artistically crafted custom furniture in NYC and CT.